Thirunelveli Inspired Sodhi – But skinny! ;)

Sodhi is usually eaten with idiyappam (string hoppers) in Ilangai, and I’m actually not sure about what Indians eat with sodhi, but I saw a recipe on Thirunelveli style sodhi in a cooking show with Venkatesh Bath for many years ago, and I think it’s really good with idiyappam.

Thirunelveli is a town in Tamil Nadu, and is very famous for many food items, especially the halwa, from the shop Iruttu Kadai. Other popular food items in Thirunelveli is uluthansoru and uluthankali, and of course sodhi that are particularly eaten in Thirunelveli. Also sodhi and uluthankali are very popular among the tamil people in Ilangai, and I’ve eaten a lot of it. Continue reading “Thirunelveli Inspired Sodhi – But skinny! ;)”

Friday Session: 20.09.2019

Let’s give Mugen Rao a big amount of love. Currently a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, winning so many people’s hearts with his kindness. He is definitely the most genuine person in the Bigg Boss series so far ❤️

And he’s soooooo cute. And so talented. OMG 😍 All the best Mugen ❤️