Vegetarian in Aarhus: Restaurant Mellemrum

Aarhus is one of my favourite towns in Denmark, next to Aalborg. While Aalborg is the cozy town and is the most perfect town according to me, Aarhus is the next perfect town – but with the perfect localization – geographically 🙃

Aarhus has everything, and that’s why I love it. After completing my degrees in Odense, I immediately got a job in Aarhus, and therefore had to move. In the beginning, it all seemed like a busy hell, but as time passed, I became very happy with Aarhus. Aarhus is definitely the place I want to live in – if not Aalborg was located here 😛 Continue reading “Vegetarian in Aarhus: Restaurant Mellemrum”

Vegetarian Sushi in Odense: Bluefin, Odense

When I moved to Odense in 2008 for my higher studies, it was very tough to find a place to get some vegetarian food. I struggled very much, and as I hated to cook at that time, I started to lose weight. Seriously.. But that wasn’t a serious issue 😉 I remeber, that people often said that Copenhagen and Aarhus were better places for vegetarians. As Odense has never been a town I “admire”, I didn’t do much of learning the town nor get friends there. It was mostly during the last years of my studies, that I got some tamil friends in Odense, started to go more out etc. It was also in the recent years that many restaurants started to do something for vegetarians, and vegetarian/vegan places started running. There are several places in Odense I know love to visit, and I’ll be posting some posts about those places, starting with the Bluefin today 😀

Bluefin Restaurant is a sushi restaurant located in Odense, on Klaregade 7. Last year, in 2017, it was ranked as the 3rd best sushi restaurant in Odense, right after Goma and Umashi. I haven’t tried these 2, but I like the vegetarian sushi in Bluefin very much. I have been there twice, where the staff and service during my first visit were appreciable and I got exactly what I wanted – vegetarian sushi 🍱🌱

The place is very nice. Located in the town of Odense, the restaurant is quite busy, but still pleasant. Very neat, beautifully decorated in a neat style and with a very cozy atmosphere. Continue reading “Vegetarian Sushi in Odense: Bluefin, Odense”

Friday Session: 27.07.2018

Shankar Mahadevan is one of my favourite singers, and his talent is undescribable. I don’t even have the experience to comment, but I must say he is awesome! Here is a video of a live performance of a jugalbandhi with flautist Rasika Shekar in the raaga Hamsadwani. Enjoy! 😉

Gabriel Restaurant, La Réserve Hotel – Paris

The guided tour that we went on the 3rd day in Paris included visit to teh Eiffel Tower, Cruise on River Seine, visit to Musée du Louvre and Notre Dame Church (that has free entrance). We were very much exhausted, and after walking around for a while in Louvre we were so tired that we decided to skip Notre Dame, and we actually felt we didn’t needed to go inside the church etc. Moreover, we already had seen the church on the cruise. We therefore went back to our hotel after visiting Louvre to rest, and freshen up before our dinner at La Réserve Hotel.  Continue reading “Gabriel Restaurant, La Réserve Hotel – Paris”

Musée du Louvre – Paris

Musée du Louvre was the place I wanted to visit the most – because I have read the Da Vinci Code and I love art and history, and Louvre was the last place we went to on our guided trip in Paris on that Saturday. We were already exhausted, so we didn’t have that much energy to see anything in Louvre, which was a pity!! If I ever go back to Paris, I have to spend a whole day in Louvre only 😉 Continue reading “Musée du Louvre – Paris”