Friday Session: 11.10.2019

I miss watching Bigg Boss Tamil 3. This season has so far been the best, and there are many of the contestants, I like so much. Especially Sandy. I have loved Sandy and his dance skills since he started working as a choreographer in the tamil dance show called “Manada Mayilada” for more than 10 years ago. Then, in that show, he was my favourite choreographer, and I have been “following” him in every show he was a part of, from Kalaignar TV to Vijay TV. My entire family loves him and is fan of his dance skills 🤩

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Friday Session: 20.09.2019

Let’s give Mugen Rao a big amount of love. Currently a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, winning so many people’s hearts with his kindness. He is definitely the most genuine person in the Bigg Boss series so far ❤️

And he’s soooooo cute. And so talented. OMG 😍 All the best Mugen ❤️