Bejte Ethiopia, Berlin

One of my friends once told me about Ethiopian food reminding her of tamil food, and to be very tasty. Berlin has several Ethiopian restaurants, and I decided to book a table for dinner at Bejte Ethiopia  in Berlin. As we took the U-Bahn we had some difficulties in finding the restaurant at first, but we somehow managed 😛

Bejte Ethiopia is beautifully decorated, with Ethiopian décor and traditional music. It was an experience itself. The staff is so kind, but we had some difficulties in understanding each other, as they’re not routined in either German or English. But that was actually not a problem at all.

We decided to share a vegetarian plate with Injeras and several curries. The Injera pancakes reminds pretty much of the tamil appam, and the curries are very similar to the Sri Lanka/tamil curries. Spicy and soooooo yummy! The staff even came with extra injeras free of charge 😉

You eat Ethiopian food with your fingers, and I loved to be able to do so. I always feel that food tastes better when eating with your fingers 🙂

We tried several restaurants in Berlin, and Betje was the best experience. I would love to eat here once again. I’ll undoubtedly recommend this place 😉

~ AJ


Zen Restaurant, Berlin

According to Tripadvisor, Zen Restaurant is actually the 2nd best place in Berlin for sushi. ..And I totally agree!

We went for dinner here on our 4th day in Berlin. Once again found it through google, as we were craving for some sushi 😉

The place and it’s atmosphere is just amazing. Very cozy, beautiful and with a smiling and king staff.

I ordered a vegetarian menu, and additionally ordered some veggie crispy sushi too, along with an orange/raspberry lemonade. Loved the lemonade by the way 😉

All in all:

Pleasant and timely service, smiling and kind staff, excellent food with reasonable prices. Highly recommendable.

If you’re a sushi-lover, Zen is indeed a must-visit restaurant! ❤



Amrit Indisches Restaurant, Potsdamer Platz – Berlin

After visiting Brandenburger Thor, The Holocast Memorial and Berliner Mauer we were so exhausted and hungry. Especially because we were walking for really, experience the atmosphere in Berlin. I had made a wuick research on indian restaurants in Berlin, and found out that Amrit is among the top indian restaurants in Berlin [according to Tripadvisor]. The one in Potsdamer Platz was the nearest of all Amrit restaurants, we decided to get our dinner here. We both were extremely hungry, and were looking forward to get some food.. Continue reading “Amrit Indisches Restaurant, Potsdamer Platz – Berlin”