Souk al Bahar, Dubai

Souk al Bahar is a market place placed Downtown Dubai, in antique Arabian style. It’s a very beautiful contrast to the Dubai Mall, that is placed next to Souk al Bahar. Cross the Souk al Bahar bridge, and you’ll be here! If the architecture of Souk al Bahar is stunning, then the views from here are equally stunning as well – having beautiful views of the Burj Khalifa and the Fountains.  For sure it’s one of the most photographed locations in Dubai ❤ Continue reading “Souk al Bahar, Dubai”

Armani Amal Restaurant, Burj Khalifa – Dubai

Starting the first day in Dubai with amazing lunch with view from Burj Khalifa followed with more views and walks, we ended our day with fine dining at one of the Armani Restaurants – Amal.

Armani Amal is an award winning Indian restaurant in the Armani Hotel, placed in Burj Khalifa. We all know about the series of Armani, and that’s exactly what you see while entering the Armani Hotel – luxury. Continue reading “Armani Amal Restaurant, Burj Khalifa – Dubai”

Burj Khalifa by Night – Downtown Dubai

Just some clicks from our walk by Burj Khalifa, after the “At The Top”-visit, back to Burj Khalifa for dinner 😉

These beautiful dandelions are designes by Mirek Struzik. There are 14 dandelions made of acid resistent stainless steel and illuminated by LED lights. The tallest dandelion is about 7.2 m. You can find them in the walking space next to Burj Khalifa, around the Dubai Fountains.

~ AJ


At The Top, Burj Khalifa – Dubai

After the lunch/High Tea at At.Mosphere Lounge on the 122nd floor in Burj Khalifa, we had a booking At The Top, Burj Khalifa 5:00 pm. Before getting in to this part of Burj Khalifa, you have to collect your tickets in Dubai Mall. I thought this was easy, but it’s not. It takes a lot of time, first to walk from Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall, then finding the section, where you collect the ticket, and standing in the queue. Luckily, I booked tickets with quick entry, so right after collecting the tickets, we could enter for At The Top.

You actually enter from Dubai Mall, walk through a very big passage, were you are taken from the bottom to the 124nd floor.

Booking the tickets for 5 pm visit was a clever thing; we saw the town in both day light and night, with beautiful sunset 🙂

Unfortunately, it was not easy photographing because of lot of reflections..

The Dubai Frame by night 😉

~ AJ