Vadapalani Murugan Kovil, Chennai

During our stay in Chennai, we actually stayed in Mylapore. Mylapore is famous for its Kapaleeshwarar Kovil, which we went to many times – BUT NO pictures at all. Weird.

However, we also went to another temple in Chennai, and that was Vadapalani Murugan Kovil, that is located in Vadapalani, that is next to Kodambakkam.

Vadapalani Murugan Kovil is where my parents got married back in 1987, so I guess it was quite nostalgic to my parents to revisit this place again, when we travelled to India in 2010.

This temple is quite “new” when compared to many other temples in Tamil Nadu, as it was approximately installed/built in 1865 by Rathisamy Chettiar after the wishes of Annasamy Naicker.

The temple tank.

You can find more info about the temple and its history here.

Srikalahastiswarar Temple, Andhra Pradesh

I went to Tamil Nadu, India back in 2010, which was a different experience. I’ve visited Sri Lanka, and I actually thought Tamil Nadu was similar, but it wasn’t really. Tamil Nadu (mainly the places we went to) is much more crowded than Sri Lanka, while I’d say Sri Lanka seems more peaceful and more beautiful.

During our stay in Tamil Nadu, we mostly stayed in Chennai, but went to lots of hindu temples all over the state. This was including the Pancha Bootha Stalas, where one of the 5 temples is located in Andhra Pradesh, and Aarupadai Veedu and then we went to Thirupathi, that is located in Andhra Pradesh too. Continue reading “Srikalahastiswarar Temple, Andhra Pradesh”

Shopping in Dubai – Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is another great palace to do some shoppin. It is actuly world’s first shopping resort, located at interchange 4 on Sheikh Zayed Road, and nearby the hotel we stayed at. It has ore than 560 shops, 90 restaurants, five-star hotel and the world’s largest indoor ski.

A small view of the indoor ski

Of course, Mall of the Emirates is very big too, but it’s also very cozy. We went for shopping here twice.

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Shopping in Dubai – The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the world with 1200 shops, located next to Burj Khalifa.

We went to this mall several times, and each time we found new places, and we couldn’t really find the directions we came from. But I liked being around.  It has everything.

The Dubai Mall has the world’s largest aquarium, so the whole place is definitely worth a visit 😉

“The Souk” of Dubai Mall is a popular place to get your jewelry.. 😉

The outside view from the main entrance. One day there was this pink limo 😉

~ AJ