Rausch Schokoladenhaus, Berlin

On the 5th day ion our trip to Berlin, we decided to go for shopping and dining in Berlin, mainly on Friederichstr, and I thought of visiting the Rausch Schokoladenhaus. While searching, I found out that you actually can dine here, and the menu was like OMG. I immediately booked a table for lunch at their Chocolate Cafe. Continue reading “Rausch Schokoladenhaus, Berlin”

Cha Chã Positive Eating, Berlin

During our 2nd day in Berlin, we went to several places by only walking. After visiting the Deutsches Technikmuseum, we went to Friederichstr. for lunch. We haven’t booked, and were not sure about what to eat, but we found a good restaurant – Cha Chã Positive Eating – a thai restaurant that looked very good and promising. Continue reading “Cha Chã Positive Eating, Berlin”

Amrit Indisches Restaurant, Potsdamer Platz – Berlin

After visiting Brandenburger Thor, The Holocast Memorial and Berliner Mauer we were so exhausted and hungry. Especially because we were walking for really, experience the atmosphere in Berlin. I had made a wuick research on indian restaurants in Berlin, and found out that Amrit is among the top indian restaurants in Berlin [according to Tripadvisor]. The one in Potsdamer Platz was the nearest of all Amrit restaurants, we decided to get our dinner here. We both were extremely hungry, and were looking forward to get some food.. Continue reading “Amrit Indisches Restaurant, Potsdamer Platz – Berlin”

Berlin, Day 7

We spent the 7th and almost last day of our trip, on shopping in Berlin.

We went to Kurfürstendamm, and started from the Karstadt, moving on to Europa Center, Diesel etc., and then Peek & Cloppenburg.

Don’t forget to have some coins for the S-Bahns, U-Bahns etc.! 😛

The view from Kurdürstendamm 😉

Shopping somehow makes you happy, right? 😛

In Peek & Cloppenburg 😉

It was a nice day, and we really enjoyed walking down Kurfürstendamm. Kurfürstendamm has everything when it comes to shopping, and there’s definitely something for each and everyone.

That was actually the day, I really wanted to stay in Berlin for an extra couple of days. And that was the day, I decided that this wasn’t my last visit at all 😉

Once finished with the shopping, we later went to Bejte Ethiopean Restaurant. This was indeed a delicious experience 🙂

I  M I S S   B E R L I N !  

~ AJ




Berlin, Day 6

We really enjoyed our trip to Berlin. And we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel 😀

Berlin has everything, including Mc Arthur Glenn Designer Outlet – they actually have one designer outlet market near Berlin, like the one I visited last year in Neumünster in Northern Germany. This was where we spent our 6th day!The one near Berlin is actually placed in a small town called Elstal, and we took the train from Berlin Central Station. This takes about 1 hour.

Once a Nike lover, forever a Nike lover!

The Designer Outlet Berlin is somehow okay, I felt it was not as good as the one in Neumünster, but we still bought some good stuff, including a dress from Tommy Hilfiger, t-shirts from Nike and Calvin Klein etc. The clothes are of course cheaper than in central Berlin, but still.. I like the one in Neumünster much more.

After coming home, we went to a South Indian restaurant called Lotus for dinner. I really loved this place! I got a delicious uththappam with some coconut chutney and sambar. The uththappam was delicious, but the sambar and chutney was not spicy at all – I guess it’s made for people, who are not used to spicy food 😉

I will still say, that the Lotus Restaurant is worth a visit, if you are in Berlin. You can find it at Kantstrasse 70 near Charlottenburg S-St. in Berlin.


H A V E      A     G R E A T      E V E N I N G !  ❤

~ AJ