Musée du Louvre – Paris

Musée du Louvre was the place I wanted to visit the most – because I have read the Da Vinci Code and I love art and history, and Louvre was the last place we went to on our guided trip in Paris on that Saturday. We were already exhausted, so we didn’t have that much energy to see anything in Louvre, which was a pity!! If I ever go back to Paris, I have to spend a whole day in Louvre only 😉 Continue reading “Musée du Louvre – Paris”

La Défense – Paris

Last week, I went to Paris for 5 days to get a break from my everyday life. I have not been to Paris before, and have heard almost all of my friends, who have been there, telling that it’s a very beautiful and a romantic place – except one, who said it’s only a must visit to see some of the popular places, but that the city itself isn’t worth all the hype. I must admit, that I share the same opinion after experiencing the atmosphere of Paris – Paris is crowded, busy, and definitely not clean at all, and I don’t feel it’s as romantic as people tell you – but it depends on taste for sure. Compared to Rome, Paris isn’t my cup of tea, and I love Rome more. Though I’m going to give you guys a small guide and share my experiences with Paris and the places I went to. Continue reading “La Défense – Paris”