Vegan Banana Brownie – Sugar free, Gluten free!

This recipe is from, but I just halved the ingredients and added vanilla 😉

If you want a glutenfree, sugarfree, yet a tasty and a very simple recipe, go for it. Both my brother and I love it! 😀

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Pinky Nicecream

Nicecream is very popular, especially among vegetarians/vegans. It’s much healthier than ice cream, and easy to make. The best part is, that you can add any kind of flavor to the base cream. Here is the result of my attempt on making some pink nicecream – with raspberry 😉

The result came out very well, and was so beautiful, and so yummy too! We both loved it, and my bestie even ate more of it than I did! 😉 The one I made was a pink nana icecream/nicecream, and here’s the recipe: Continue reading “Pinky Nicecream”