Friday Session: 15.03.2019

These guys, Sathya and Stanley have done an amazing job. This mashup of several songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja is just unbelievable. I’ve grown up listening to Yuvan’s music. It’s like magic, and real nostalgia. Yuvan’s music was definitely a huge part of my teenage life. And this mashup is doing justice 😉

Dedicating this to someone special 😉


Friday Session: 07.09.2018

Going back to my most favourite musician – A R Rahamn. Today’s snippet is shared by a good soul, who filmed ARR’s live performance of Urvashi Urvashi last year, on his concert in Wembley.

I attended this concert too, but my phona cracked and didn’t get a clear sound 😦 But here’s it from “Think Movies” on YouTube 😉