Friday Session: 20.09.2019

Let’s give Mugen Rao a big amount of love. Currently a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 3, winning so many people’s hearts with his kindness. He is definitely the most genuine person in the Bigg Boss series so far ❤️

And he’s soooooo cute. And so talented. OMG 😍 All the best Mugen ❤️

Friday Session: 02.08.2019

I’m so fascinated.. There’s something about this malayali song. This is actually a song performed for the dance ritual, called Mudiyettu, during the Durga Festival of Kerala, dedicated to Goddess Bagavathy. The song is about the demon Darikan, who was blessed by Brahma, that he will never be killed by any man. Literally man. So of course Goddess Durga, as Bagavathy, killed him.