Friday Session: 28.02.20

Today is my dear dosta Ash’s birthday!

Happy birthday singappenney! You are a true inspiration, and one of the strongest ladies I know! Thank you so much for your friendship. Having known you for more than a decay, I’ve seen you as the one who’s always strong, but also so kind. And so genuine. என்னை வியக்க வைத்த சிங்கப்பெண்!

Kudos and God bless you girl 😘🇩🇰

Veggie Bhajjies

Bhajji is a very popular type of fritter in many states in India, especially Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, Assam and West Bengal. In south it’s commonly known as “bhajji”, whereas it is known as “bhajiya” in the other states.

Nowadays you can eat bhajjies all over the country, and also in other places like Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Bhajji is a snack food where various vegetables are dipped in a mixture of gram flour batter and deep fried. Though my family is from Sri Lanka, we love bhajjies very much 😉 Continue reading “Veggie Bhajjies”

Friday Session: 14.02.20

Let’s celebrate a great weekend with this brand new single that released today – written by Arunraja Kamaraj, composed by Anirudh Ravichander and sung by none other than our Thalapathy Vijay 😉

This is the cutest song I’ve ever heard, and has what we need to hear every day.

Positivity unna lift pannum baby 🥰

Friday Session: 31.01.20

This friday I’m sharing a single written, composed, and sung by my brother Aginthan. He has released a number of singles under the name “Aginiy” some time back. One of my favourites is the song Tholainthen, which I’m sharing here.

What’s special?

Well, the lyrics and the composition and mixing are all well done. No technical or musical mistakes. And the beat is just on point. This single, Tholainthen was actually selected for the HyperVision song contest 2015 by DR (Danmarks Radio), and reached for the semi-finals! Ironically no tamils in Denmark supported this song. That’s how it works here – I’m sorry to say! But it’s all just a freaking game, and I’m leaving it here and only sharing the song 🤪