Water Sports – JBR, Dubai

The 3rd day in Dubai was spent on water sports. We went to Jumeirah Beach behind the Jumeirah Beach Resorts (JBR Beach). My bestie had booked sessions for jetpack and jetovator, but we decided to try fly board instead of jetpack.

Fly board is actually real fun, but I normally have some issues with my left foot, and it gave me troubles during the session. I then got hurt. Unfortunately, I had to stop my session.

If you are planning such water sports, make sure to start with the easiest session first. Jetovator is very tough, and it requires a lot of physical strength, mainly arms. Fly board is much better and funnier, as you mainly have to focus on your legs to be totally straight during the session. Jet pack is a bit tougher. There are several tutorials in YouTube.

We had booked our sessions via getyourguide.com. I’m sure going to try fly board again, but I first have my foot to get fixed 😉

~ AJ

Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Villa Beach Restaurant, Dubai

The 2nd day in Dubai started with a sightseeing at Souk a Bahar, following with lunch at Jumeirah Beach. I love beaches, and spending time here is like meditation; just watching the beautiful waves and the sound of water is so mesmerizing. In addition, of course Jumeirah Beach is necessary a visit!

I chose to have our lunch at Villa Beach Restaurant at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It has the most beautiful view of the beach and the Burj al Arab 😉 Continue reading “Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Villa Beach Restaurant, Dubai”