Yazhpanam [Jaffna] Style Omelet Curry

It’s been ages since I last posted a recipe here, and I’m so sorry. Felt that I didn’t really have the time and energy to post long posts here for the past 8-9 months, as I’ve been busy with other things. Moreover I had troubles with my laptop and so. But I’m back now! 🙂

The Tamil/Ilangai cuisine is very popular among many, and if you ask me I’d say that Tamkl food is the best. I’ve tried different cuisines, but the Tamil food is undoubtedly the best and most mouthwatering. Hehe 😉 Continue reading “Yazhpanam [Jaffna] Style Omelet Curry”

Ayubowan Restaurant, Dubai

We were totally exhausted after the water sport activities at JBR. We really had to relax for a while, and we actually didn’t do anything the rest of the day. We luckily hadn’t booked any other activities that day.

Before travelling I did a research on Sri Lankan restaurants in Dubai, and Ayubowan Restaurant turned out to be the best Sri Lankan restaurant, so I had booked a table for dinner on the 3rd day before travelling.   Continue reading “Ayubowan Restaurant, Dubai”