Friday Session: 01.03.2019


Long time, no see. I know, I should’ve been posting several things here, but since a close person left, I haven’t really thought of posting anything, because I couldn’t. But now, I feel that was too bad. Music was Saarangan’s passion, and I should’ve posted something, just in rememberance for him, and to keep my blog alive.

Since Saarangan left us, I’ve started listening more to instrumentals and BGMs from films. I don’t know why, but it’s like they express more, something that cannot be expressed with words. The BGM from the tamil film 96 really touched my heart. I love it to bits. So here it is!

96 i a movie close to my heart, actually. Love is something, that you should not take for granted.. at all…

Friday Session: 07.09.2018

Going back to my most favourite musician – A R Rahamn. Today’s snippet is shared by a good soul, who filmed ARR’s live performance of Urvashi Urvashi last year, on his concert in Wembley.

I attended this concert too, but my phona cracked and didn’t get a clear sound 😦 But here’s it from “Think Movies” on YouTube 😉