Friday Session: 03.07.2020

வீதிக்கோர் ஜாதியும்
ஜாதிக்கு வீதியும்
கேட்காத நாதியும்
கிடைக்காத நீதியும்
எல்லாவற்றுக்கும் ஒரு உச்சகட்டம்
அதை தட்டி கேட்டால்
அது குற்றம் குற்றம்

Mango Kesari

Kesari is a dessert from India, that is popular in Sri Lanka too. My mom used to make kesari frequently when my brother and I were children. I remember how much I loved it, but later I somehow stopped eating it. Lately I came across a mango kesari recipe, that is so good. Usually it is made with milk, but I use water instead, so that you can keep the kesari for a couple of days 🙂

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