Birthday in Singapore

As mentioned before, I decided to celebrate my birthday in foreign this year, but I actually didn’t have any further plans. Also my bestie told me not to plan anything for my birthday, so I did so and I didn’t have any expectations. My only request was to visit the temple on that day, because I always do so, and Tamil New Year usually falls on my birthday too. Continue reading “Birthday in Singapore”

Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam

Ranganathaswamy Temple was one of the very few Vishnu temples, that we went to in Tamil Nadu. We actually only went to 3 Vishnu temples; Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam, Azhagar Kovil in Madurai District and Venkateswara Temple in Thirumala (Thirupathi Temple). I only have some pictures of the first temple mentioned.

Ranganathaswamy is one of the most important Vishnu temples, and is located in the town Srirangam, in the district of Trichy/Thiruchirapalli, on an island in the Cauveri/Kaveri River. Trichy was the first town we stayed in during the road-trip in Tamil Nadu, and before going to Srirangam, we went to Uchipillaiyar Temple in Trichy and Jambukeshwarar Temple in Thiruvanaikaval (also on the island) – another post about the temple is coming soon. Continue reading “Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam”

Brihadishwarar Temple, Thanjavur

Brihadishwarar Temple, named Rajarajeshwaram in it’s earlier days, is a temple dedicated to lord Shiva, built by the king Rajaraja Chola I and his sister, princess Kundavai, between year 1003-1010 AD is one of the greatest examples of Tamil architecture. It is built of granite, around 60,000 tons of granite is said to be used to built the temple. According to the insriptions, that are to be seen at present day, the engineer and architect behind the temple was Kunjara Mallan Raja Raja Perumthachan, a archari from that time, from Kerala. The interesting part is, that even the present successors of the achari still practice Vastu Sastra. Continue reading “Brihadishwarar Temple, Thanjavur”

Swaminathar Temple, Pazhamudhircholai

There are 6 special temples in Tamil Nadu, dedicated to the god Murugan, mostly referred as the Tamil God and as the god of the mountains/hills. These 6 temples are known as Arupadai Veedu (The Six Warhouses -The Six Abodes of Murugan), very important in the hindu sect Kaumaram (the sect that worship lord Murugan only). Lord Murugan is usually referred as the son of lord Shiva.  The six places are important places, and takes part in the Skanda Purana (and other tamil litteratures), that describes the story of Murugan, and how he fought against the demon, Surapadman and other important incidences.  Continue reading “Swaminathar Temple, Pazhamudhircholai”

Arunachaleshwarar Temple – Thiruvannamalai

Talking about the Panchabootha Stalas, Thiruvannamalai is the place of the most important legend in Saivism. We were lucky to visit the temple at daytime, and had a lot of time to worship and do archanai, and to look around the temple. It is indeed one of the most beautiful temples I’ve visited so far.  It’s known for its massive gopurams (temple towers), with a history going back to the 11th century, while the main temple is believed to be much older – more than 2000 years old, with mentions in Thevaaram and Thiruvasagam songs. Unfortunately, there’s not been done anything to protect the temple so far, but there is an appeal going on to UNESCO to make the temple a world heritage monument.

The town of Thiruvannamalai is located near the mountain with the same name, and with the temple at the mountain. This mountain plays a very important role in Saivism. It is also one of the 275 places that has been praised in Thevaaram and Thiruvasagam songs. Continue reading “Arunachaleshwarar Temple – Thiruvannamalai”