Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant, Leboh Ampang, KL

After the visit to the temple of Batu Caves, we went back to the hotel, but right after went for dinner. We were a bit afraid of finding a place at Jalan India, and searched for other options. A tamil guy working at the hotel helped us finding some places. He recommened us to go for Sangeetha Restaurant at Leboh Ampang. Continue reading “Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant, Leboh Ampang, KL”

From Singapore to Kuala Lumpur ;)

Last day in Singapore – first day/evening in KL…

Starting the day with breakfast at Toast Box. I really love Toast Box. I don’t know why, but I just love it.

And that was the moment I felt, that I didn’t want to leave this place 😦

We went to Sri Krishnan Temple for a friday pooja, before taking the flight from Changi Airport to KL.

In KL we quickly checked in at Verdant Hill Hotel, took a Grab to Jalan Masjid India for some vegetarian dinner. This area looks so creepy, and the people living there also told us to stay away from that place. We quickly went for some shopping, and never came back. Haha.

Here, masala thosai at Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant. I guess it’s the same branch as the Sangeetha restaurants in Tamil Nadu. But the food was absolutely good, and with good service.

We went for a quick shopping at Ajuntha Textiles. Bought some panjabis, sarees, vaeddis and some small kitchen stuff.

I must tell you, I already felt uneasy in KL, and was not super happy. Felt that Singapore is far better, and I still have that feeling. We talked with several tamil people in KL, that could tell us about high level discrimination 😦 So sad…

Note: When in KL, I highly recommend you to use Grab for transport. DON’T go for the local taxis. And beware of thieves everywhere!